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The blog awakens for Federal Election 2021

Hello folks:

Miss me? (Don’t answer that 😉 )

Seeing as we’re about to head into a Federal Election set for Sept 20, I thought it time to shake off the cobwebs off of this blog and revive it a tad. I won’t promise you posts every day, as I used to do back in the day when blogs were the social media “thing”…. but I will at least try to post a bit more on subjects that need a few more words or paragraphs then Twitter allows.

So… where to start? How about a non-partisan mention of how to make sure you’re registered to vote for the election?

I did this – it was very easy to use and I definitely will be checking out the vote by mail registration option when it becomes available.

Now then.. onto the election itself. You shouldn’t be surprised where my voting sympathies lie if you’ve read this blog over the years or continue to read my other social media posts. Those have not changed, despite my differences in opinion I’ve held with the Liberal government over a couple of their policy stances. So, I will merely present my observations on this election as it gets started:

– I’m not sure there will be much traction against the Liberals on whether the election is necessary or not for more then 2-3 days. Given the ineffectiveness of the current Conservative Party messaging on it so far, that only managed to draw unwanted attention, that would seem a pretty safe bet.

– COVID is going to be the main if not the issue of the campaign; people will get their chance to vote on whether they approved the Trudeau Liberal government’s overall handling of COVID (federal aid, vaccine rollout etc) or not. I will say that perhaps not everything went as smoothly or as fast on some of this as some would have wanted, but that overall, it looks as if a majority of people seem to give the Liberals good marks for how they handled things. The fact there are a few Conservative premiers out there that did not handle things the way they should/could have likely helps the perception of the Liberals by the voting public. The recent announcement by the government that all internal travellers by air and rail will need proof of vaccination to be able to travel, as well as all federal employees requiring proof of vaccination, will likely be a popular move as well. The government seem to be on the same side as public opinion regarding proof of vaccinations being required, and if anything, might be moving slower then what the public is demanding (though to be fair , many of the health measures that could be put in are provincial jurisdiction).

-The NDP and the BQ are the key parties to whether the Liberals gain a majority or not.


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