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Renewing the domain for another year

So my renewal for this domain came up. I thought long and hard for whether to bother renewing it… since its obvious to all that my blogposting on this has been much reduced since the advent of other social media platforms – notably for me Twitter, and because of the cost involved (This is also the case for many other blogs too, I might add – they are much reduced in activity if you go on and check who is active and who hasn’t been).

I decided to renew for another year; who knows when a political activity might cause an uptick in blogposting. Detailed diatribes thoughts can’t be captured on Twitter – except for long extended threads, and I have been a bit more reluctant to post political stuff on Facebook for some reason.

So for now.. I’ll keep this place active.. though I can’t promise you how often I will post. As always though, I do have a link on the side panel to my Twitter feed.. so you can always check out any random thought I have there if you visit here and see nothing new.

I hope you are all still staying strong and keeping well during this pandemic.

PS – I should likely qualify due to the date of this posting this is NOT an April Fools Day joke post 😉


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