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Sanity has returned to the US (hopefully).

As of this writing, Donald Trump has not conceded the US Presidential race, but that doesn’t matter. Joe Biden is the President-elect and Trump’s court cases that have charged voter fraud have so far all failed. On Jan 20, Joe Biden will be sworn in.

He will have many challenges ahead of him, but his biggest issue (and the issue he says he will get to work on immediately) is trying to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control. It will not be easy, as numbers are spiralling out of control and the current occupant of the White House will likely do even less to address the pandemic (if that’s possible).

Hopefully, with election season behind the US (with 2 notable exceptions in Georgia that will decide control of the US Senate) , some of the Republican governors who have been resisting mask mandates and “stay in place’ orders might change their tune and take measures based on public health, not politics.

Beyond Covid-19, look for a more calm and boring administration. This will not be a bad thing.


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