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Trump’s Covid-19 positive test – the ultimate October Surprise.. the ultimate Karma

News that US President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and other high level Republican officials have tested positive for Covid-19 – and others awaiting test results after potential exposure to the above – has added another dimension of disarray to what was already one of (if not the most) chaotic US Presidential campaigns in history.

The effect of this on the US Election will of course be unknown until the severity and length of Trump’s illness plays out. It will be pointed out by many however that considering how cavalier Trump has been towards Covid-19, initially proclaiming it was nothing to worry about, to mocking Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden for wearing a mask, to continuing to expose other people to Covid-19 infection despite the White House knowing there was a problem, Trump has just had a big case of karma hit him.

I wish no harm to anyone, but I have a lot of trouble feeling sympathy for the President or those in his administration or those of his family or supporters who didn’t take this disease seriously.

One would hope that the President’s diagnosis might “wake” him and his supporters up to the seriousness of the situation and start treating health experts recommendations on fighting this disease a lot more seriously, but I have my doubts.


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