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COVID-19: Take care of your mental health too.

One of the twitter feeds I follow commented that since mass social/physical distancing and self isolation has taken place, every day is like the other – the news is the same, the newscasts are all the same. He has taken to calling every day “Blendsday”.

This constant warning of COVID-19 and what’s been going on in the world can very easily pile up, and it may become very overwhelming and cause a lot of anxiety for people.

I just want to say to everyone to remember to take care of your mental health as well as your physical health.

If there are people going through anxiety issues or panic attacks, don’t be afraid to go get help for it; there’s no shame in asking for some help if it gets to be a bit much.

MY own advice.. don’t watch the news constantly. Get out and take a walk (safely of course). Do a crossword puzzle. Play some online games (or even board games). Taking a break from the current dark times is allowed.


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