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Congrats to new #OLP Leader Steven Del Duca

We already knew going into the Ontario Liberal Party Convention that Steven Del Duca had won a majority of delegates going into the Leadership Convention, and only needed superdelegate votes to put him over the top. It was little surprise that he got that support and won decisively on the first ballot. You can find a bit of background on the new Liberal leader here.

My personal congratulations to the new Liberal Leader. I am looking forward to seeing his plans not only to get Ontario back on track after removing Doug Ford from office.. but also what he plans to do to help make the Ontario LIberal Party more democratic and responsive to its membership. Remember his 5 Questions interview, and compare it to his actual actions on those and other topics to decide how he does.

(As an aside, I was very happy to see his tweet saying he had committed to re-introducing the Basic Income Pilot Project. That’s a good start.)


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