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Ontario Liberal Party Leadership Delegates Selection Weekend

This is the weekend where OLP members are voting for delegates to help choose the next Ontario Liberal Party leader. This is what the leadership campaigns were doing the membership drives for – to try to get more people as members who would then theoretically turn up this weekend to then vote for the delegates that would most favour their candidacy (I still prefer that the OLP would have gone one member one vote, but I digress). Turnout this day and the GOTV movement will obviously be a big factor in what delegates get elected.

I will be watching with interest – I want to thank all the candidates who took the time and effort to answer my “Five Questions” series – all but one candidate replied to these (and it wasn’t for a lack of effort on my part to get the last candidate to do so). Perhaps we can do a follow-up interview on here with the newly elected OLP  leader once he/she is picked.


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