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Election 43 Aftermath: Free Advice For The Conservative Party

  • Find a new leader that is a bit more moderate on social issues (Rona Ambrose, Michael Chong, Lisa Raitt even) and bring back more progressive policies.
  • Regarding Climate change; if you folks don’t want a carbon tax, you’ll need something more convincing to environmentally conscious voters then basically proposing some magic technology that hasn’t been invented yet to fight it. 63% of Canadians voted for parties that supported carbon pricing and who had serious climate change plans.

A big obstacle to climb if you persist in opposing this. As Chantal Hebert said on the CBC panel a couple of nights ago, from here on in, any party without a serious climate change plan is not likely to win.

This article from 2017, warning the Conservatives ignore Michael Chong at their peril, seems rather prescient right now.


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