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The Writ Drops in Canada

Today starts the official first day of the election campaign, with the Prime Minister asking the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament for an election taking place on Oct 21st.

With that announcement, I may be a little more active on this blog, although as you see on my twitter feed on the right hand sidebar, I’ve still been fairly active, though not as posting here as much.

We start this campaign with opinion polls more or less showing a dead heat nationally.. although most of those same polls have also shown the Liberals have the initial advantage with good leads in Eastern Canada – specifically Ontario and Quebec.

As lots of smarter people then I have said; campaigns matter. Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Scheer are unknown quantities with regards to campaigning in a general election, and both face a lot of challenges.

Can they get SNC-Lavalin as an issue that Canadians feel angry enough to care about? Can Scheer shake off the dead-weight anchor Doug Ford has been for him in Ontario, that has dragged his poll #’s down there?

My personal observation: Recent polls have said the environment has become a top priority issue for Canadians. No doubt this is highlighted by the extreme weather events we’ve seen, plus some of the Conservative provincial government’s resistance to carbon pricing and going to the courts to try and stop it (which ironically, probably has kept the issue front and centre for Canadians)

If the environment and climate change remains a top-tier issue, the Conservatives and Scheer are in trouble.


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