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Still here! (Sorta)

Its been awhile since I posted something here.. so I felt the need to add a blog entry to indicate I’m still alive. (If you read my twitter account at the right sidebar, you’ll see I am indeed around still).

Lots of things have happened in a couple of months. We have Doug Ford and his government MPP’s more concerned about photo-ops in corner stores complaining they can’t buy beer there then they are about the fact they’re likely to get penalized up to 1 billion dollars for breaking the contract with the Beer Store in order to do this, rather then wait 6 years when the contract is up for renewal (in fairness, they’re likely afraid with some justification they won’t be around in government to be able to do this).

We also have Doug Ford attempting to pass legislation that prevents the Beer Store (and others) from suing the government for breaking contracts.. but I have my doubts the courts will view that attempt very kindly (and as far as I can see, he won’t be able to use the NotWithStanding Clause in the Constitution to override an unfavourable court decision). The Ford Government’s poll #’s have taken a beating over cutting Education, Autism and Healthcare funding, so this can at best be viewed as an attempted distraction, at worse an attempt to shore up his “base” (though like Donald Trump, he will not be able to win the next election with his base alone).

Federally, we have the governing Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau still grappling with their questionable decision making over the SNC Lavalin affair. If they were smart, they would let the chips fall where they may with that company, and if that company is found guilty of corruption, then they should let justice take its course and not be offering deferments to it. If SNC fails because of a conviction and/or can’t bid on government contracts for 10 years – so be it. They shouldn’t have been conducting illegal activities to begin with – and the Liberals should not be letting the job loss threats or moving threat cause them to reward illegal behaviour. They wouldn’t do it with individuals found guilty like this – just because its a massive corporation doesn’t mean it should be shielded from the law.

On the Conservative opposition side, we have Andrew Scheer claiming he’s going to be showing people the door if they’re bigots or racist, but as pointed out here, his words mean little if his actions don’t match it.

He has also still failed to put forth a climate change plan that would be a replacement to carbon pricing, and we now have signals from some in his caucus that perhaps the abortion debate should be re-opened.

Trudeau and the Liberals have certainly not been perfect, but people are going to take a long hard look at Andrew Scheer and his party before they put them in power. Doug Ford is possibly making some of those folks – particularly in Ontario – rethink choosing them. Jagmeet Singh and the NDP hasn’t resonated yet with voters, which is why the Green Party seem to be making some progress in recent polling.

It should be an interesting next few months!


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