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Checking in on the US Democratic contenders for President

So it’s getting to that time where everyone is declaring they’re running for president in the US – the election of course is in November 2020… and politics always is in overdrive south of the border – but even more-so with the tumultuous election and reign of Donald Trump.  The fact there are so many Democrats declaring their intentions shows how revved up they are to defeat him and get him out of office.

I’ve only started following the contenders, but the person I’ve been very impressed with so far is the US Democratic Senator from California, Kamala Harris.  A former prosecutor, she was very thorough and professional in her questioning of Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination hearing.  She also did a town hall on CNN last week, and I was very impressed with her answering of the questions and her demeanour:

She has been declared a front-runner by several political commentators, and I can see why.  There is a long way to go  of course, but I will  be following Senator Harris closely.



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