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Doug Ford for the People? More Like For Big Business (Bill 66 discussion)

So, the Ontario government released or introduced Bill 66 today in the Legislature. It does many appalling things under the guise of “opening Ontario for business”.  It may open Ontario for business but it strips the public of protections for clean water, health and safety regulations for wastewater and food inspection can be bypassed, and many other things.

Check out this Twitter feed here for more details, but here’s an example of some of the overzealousness the Ford government is displaying in getting rid of “regulations”:

I would like to know what the rationale is behind this dumb move. Does Ford and the PC Government actually think this is justified because less red tape for the cellphone providers and will provide jobs because they dont have to worry about consumer protections anymore?

Ford and the Conservative government are not “for the people” with these bypassing or elimination of health and consumer protections. These moves are designed for big businesses.. and these moves aren’t going to hire more people. It might make them more sick or taken advantage of by big business companies however.


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