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Time to walk away from Trump, Ministers Freeland and PM Trudeau

Social media these days goes very fast, as you know from reading Twitter. BLogs can seem a bit slow in that respect. By the time I post this.. it may be outdated or overtaken by new events.

That being said, this is an inflammatory a piece as you’ll ever see about Trump’s “off the record comments” regarding Canada and NAFTA negotiations:

You can read the summary here from the excellent Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale’s Twitter feed:


How the Canadian government stays in talks now and gets a deal without being branded as surrendering to Trump I don’t know. The Canadian public was giving the Trudeau government a lot of leeway on NAFTA, saying if they failed..they’d be blaming Trump and the US a lot more then they would Trudeau and Canada according to a published Abacus poll. That # should go even higher now wit these remarks.

Unless the Trump team decides to dramatically go against their boss and actually start negotiating in goo faith, rather then trying to insult us or bring Canada to its knees.. we should walk away. This Friday “deadline” was artificial to begin with.. but if Trump decides to go ahead and cancel the deal and try to get Congress to go bilateral with Mexico.. so be it.


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