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Doug Ford & The Ontario PC Govt hates a carbon tax? Propose a climate change plan

So Ontario’s Environment Minister Rod Phillips met with Canadian Environment Minister Catherine Mckenna. Minister Phillips was rather defiant in his tweet about never accepting Canada’s carbon tax put on the province, while Minister Mckenna was much more diplomatic.

The bottom line is:  Ontario had a cap and trade plan in place (not a carbon tax, as Ford and his government tries to keep misleading the public into equating the two as the same thing. They removed it.

Ford and his government supposedly believe climate change is real. If so,  the Ford Conservative government has until September to come up with a climate change plan to reduce carbon that meets the Canadian government’s requirements for avoiding the federal carbon tax being imposed upon the province

. How about producing a plan, Minister Phillips, and Premier Ford?  I mean, beyond the 30 million you’re apparently budgeting to fight a probable losing court case.

Am I optimistic such a plan will come froward from Ontario’s Conservative government?  When the Environment Ministry gets renamed to take “Climate change” out of its description, I’m skeptical



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