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The Ontario Regressive Conservative Party.

Voters eventually get tired of governments, and the Liberals have been in power for a long time; combine that with a particularly questionable policy decision on partially privatizing Ontario Hydro which dramatically increased Hydro bills. The government’s attempts to subsidize some of the bill’s costs to consumers did not particularly assuage anger over the original move – and many voters are looking for change. I get that voter sentiment is such in Ontario that the current Ontario Liberal government is in serious danger.

That said, Ontario voters need to carefully look at their choices come the June election – and in particular look at whether they really want a Doug Ford government in power that’s beholden to the social conservatives led by Tanya Granic Allen – whose support (and her supporters support) led to Doug Ford’s capturing the PC Party Leadership.

Allen’s views are about as regressive as they come. She appears to be anti-Muslim, anti-gay, and anti-renewable energy/possible climate change denier. She supports turning back the clock on Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum to somewhere circa the 1950’s (as does Ford). It is not just Allen either that should concern voters. There are other candidates running for the Conservative Party that have equally questionable views.

Rest assured if the Ford-led Conservatives (forget the “progressive” part in this party) are elected, they will attempt to implement policies I honestly believe the majority of Ontarions would not agree with. Be also assured that if Allen managed to get elected and the Conservatives won, she would be likely given a cabinet post.

Ontario voters may be angry and may want a change in government, but they need to seriously look at whether they really want these Regressive Conservatives as the replacements.


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