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Will gun control become the issue that puts the nails in the coffin of the Republican Party?

-Another school shooting. More needless deaths from a semi-automatic weapon.

-An inane proposal from the President that teachers should be armed and that would stop all these deaths.

– At the Conservative Political Active Conference (CPAC),  the National Rifle Association spokespeople are even more unhinged and looney then normal (the quote from NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch claiming  the national media loves the mass shootings because white women crying make it a great story was particularly outrageous).

– Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio. after getting taken to task for his NRA donations and refusal to support tougher gun laws, claims on Twitter that people advocating a total ban of semi-automatic rifles was outside of the US mainstream public opinion.

“Mainstream Americans” may have had enough:

  • 67 Percent of US people polled by Quinnipac now support an assault weapons ban
  • A Maris Poll shows that 71% of Americans want tougher gun laws in general. Among registered voters, 85 percent said their vote will be influenced by the candidates’ position on gun laws. Of those, 59 percent said it will be a major factor in their decision.
  • Many businesses are disassociating themselves from the NRA.
  • Student walkouts are happening across the US. A lot of these students will be eligible to vote in US midterm elections and so forth.

Republicans seem to be gravitating between doing some half-measure proposals of raising the age limit to own a gun to the widely discredited and insane proposal to arm teachers from President Trump. The conservative activists are also trying to attack Parkland students who survived the mass shooting as actors.

At this point, those measures and attacks seem to be not having an effect.  The Republican Congress was already in trouble (at least in the House of Reps) but this shooting and their lack of empathy, common sense and being in bed with a wacko gun association may be the clincher for removing this lot from Congress (and from state assemblies as well).

While this likely wouldn’t bring in any new gun control legislation due to President Trump’s veto and the situation in the Senate.. it would serve as a backdrop to the next Presidential and Congressional Elections in 2020, where the purging of the Republican Party from the levers of power could then be a real possibility






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