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New Brantford-Brant LPC EDA Board Elected; Getting ready for 2019.

I don’t comment a lot on local Liberal politics these days, but I will for this occasion. A new Liberal EDA Board was elected here in Brantford-Brant on Sunday November 26 – a campaign I volunteered for and participated heavily in for her team. This board will have 11 officers and directors + the heads of the Commission Clubs, so its been greatly pared down as dictated by the new Liberal Constitution – a positive step that was taken in my opinion. No need for such bloated boards.

The newly elected Chair of the BBFLA is Heather Macdonald-Moore, who has been a lifelong Liberal volunteer and was heavily involved in the local Liberal’s Women’s Club. She and the new officers /directors will have the task in their 2 year term to help get the local Liberal EDA ready to fight the next general election in 2019.

To do that, she and the new board will look to try and heal the local split in Liberal ranks here. If you have read this blog dating back to 2015, you know that some Liberals were unhappy about the local nomination process when Danielle Takacs was acclaimed (and yes, I am a close friend of hers). I will not go through that lengthy  explanation again about the shenanigans that went on at the time, other then to say the local EDA at the time had a time frame of several months between Danielle’s initial declaration of her nomination intentions  to find other candidates and failed to do so, and wasn’t very communicative with LPCO about their search efforts.  There was (and still is) a split between those local Liberals who decided not to support Danielle because of that,  against those of us who volunteered for her and actively tried to help her win (and yes, I was heavily involved in her campaign). In general, it was the local Liberal old guard of the party against those who were new and wanted to do things differently.  If there had been no split in the local party, we might have won this riding (and despite that split, we had tremendous vote increases here against a popular CPC incumbent and a well known NDP candidate, thanks to Danielle’s hard work as well as those of her volunteers).

That has carried through to this day;  it has affected and been prominent in 4  board elections since then. There is resentment on both sides. That divisiveness will need to be at least papered over if not healed and there be a united effort in this riding to have any hope of winning 2019.  I think Heather and her team is prepared to try and work with every Liberal in this riding if they show a desire to help and forget about the past (and if they can’t, then perhaps its time for them to step aside and let others who want to get involved and do the hard work take their place).

As long as I have been in this riding and am in this riding, I will also try to help with that. I know a fair # of local Liberals who I have a difference of opinion with, yet  who I am amicable/friendly with. I try to separate the political from the personal. There are very capable people who would be of great help to the local Liberal cause if they can do the same. I hope they will.

I congratulate Heather and the new officers/directors elected to the board and I look forward to working with them to help us turn Brantford-Brant ‘red’ in 2019 with whatever candidate is eventually  chosen to represent us here. I hope local Liberals will unite and help to get those results.





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