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Autumn Politics -provincial and federal

It’s been a while since I posted. Consider it as me taking a summer break – just like what the politicians do :). But, with Labour Day weekend here, things should start to pick up again. That doesn’t mean nothing has happened of course. Some things that have happened and of note (to me anyhow):

– In local provincial politics news, we have a new Ontario Liberal candidate to run provincially. Ruby Toor was elected by delegates at a summer AGM to be the Ontario Liberal candidate for Brantford-Brant in next year’s provincial election. This was necessary because long-time MPP and current Speaker of the legislature Dave Levac decided not to stand for re-election. Congrats to Ruby.

– In federal politics, Andrew Scheer has decided that he needs to appeal to only his right-wing supporters. He’s appointed an MP to the Status of Women critic who gave grants to centres that fervently oppose women’s freedom of choice in the matter. He also has apparently decided to make Omar Khadr’s settlement a prime theme in QP when it comes back into session – when on that issue, most Canadians have moved on – except for Scheer’s right wing and far right wing base.

Stay with that recipe for the next couple of years, and I personally have little fear Andrew Sheer wins the next Canadian federal election in 2019 when he’s primarily appealing to people already in his corner.


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