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The Khadr file – justice finally served

As a long time follower of this case and someone who decried a couple of different Canadian governments refusing to speak up about the farce taking place at Guanatanamo Bay masquerading as actual legal proceedings, and ignoring both the Charte and international treaties with regards to child soldiers, I’m pleased to see the Trudeau government has finally addressed the 2 Supreme Court rulings and the violation of Charter Rights and righted a very serious wrong with Omar Khadr by settling out of court with him and issuing an apology (and this wasn’t some “secret deal” as gone but not lamented Stephen Harper charged – it was court-mediated.. and how many court-mediated settlements do you see publicized beforehand in the media?)

TO address the charge he was a “convicted terrorist” and we shouldnt have settled (never mind the court cases stating otherwise, I’ll just quote what a commentator put on former Liberal staffer’s Jamie Carroll’s comment board from his column in Ipolitics:

Let’s put the obvious on record here. Had Khadr actually committed the crimes he’s been accused of, the United States would have laid charges in a competent, independent court; presented physical evidence and witnesses; allowed a Khadr a proper defense, and awaited the verdict of an independent judge.

That’s not what happened. Khadr was ‘tried’ before a ‘kangaroo’ military tribunal where no physical evidence was presented, exculpatory evidence was suppressed, and the defense was prevented from defending Khadr properly. When that failed, torture and intimidation were used to extract a ‘confession.’ If Khadr was actually guilty of anything, none of that would have been necessary.

Lastly, when Christopher Speer was killed by a grenade, Khadr was badly wounded and buried under rubble. When he was found, the first thing the marines did was shoot him in the back (a war crime). Only when it was obvious he was still alive, and there were witnesses, were efforts made to save his life.

Hate Khadr if you will, but please don’t rationalize that hate by trafficking in lies and misleading statements about his supposed crimes.

Facts and rule of law won’t stop the Conservatives of course from trying to milk the outrage machine. Andrew Scheer has led the way in showing himself neither to care about the constitution and international law nor being anything other then a smiling version of Harper.


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