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The Political BBQ Season begins

Parliament is now in summer recess.. so MP’s will be able to go home for awhile and spend time with their families and constituents.. kissing babies, going to BBQ’s and so forth.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any political activity. It is a fascinating bit of political theatre going on out in BC, where the Christy Clark “Liberal” government (quotes added for emphasis – they’re borrowing that title as far as I’m concerned, and have for a few years now) has apparently decided to promise everything they were decrying the NDP of promising a few short weeks ago.. strange how that works, when your government is on life support. The political gamesmanship over who will be Speaker after their Throne Speech is defeated and the government brought down on a confidence motion (assuming the Lieutenant Governor doesn’t ignore the NDP/Greens political accord and go back to the polls) will no doubt continue.

It will be interesting to watch new Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. He’s doing a road tour apparently this summer. Will someone ask him why he didn’t do more to discipline Kelly Leitch for her disgraceful remarks on refugees?

The US political landscape continues to be a daily soap opera; has a day gone by since Trumps inauguration where it was quiet? The Republicans are now in the midst of seeing how badly they can mess up health care and give their billionaire donors a break – all in the name of trying to remove President Obama’s signature health bill (which is still way far short of serving the needs of its nation’s citizens as compared to other modern industrialized countires – but was at least a start).

Locally in Brantford, we see the start of the campaign to get a provincial candidate for the Ontario election in 2018 to replace the retiring MP and current Speaker of the Ontario legislature, Dave Levac. So,that will be interesting to watch or participate in (though I’m still officially neutral at this point).

So.. plenty happenning, even if nationally, Parliament is in bit of a recess. Lastly.. I’ve been not posting here as much, as you might notice.. though I’ve been fairly active on Facebook and Twitter.. tho that’s been reduced a bit too.. A lot of that is personal things going on, but I’ll strive to post a bit more on this medium, as blogs are a good way to expand on Twitter 140 characters or re-post thoughts on Facebook. I haven’t gone away.. just on a vacation.. but I’ll be looking to get back into the more public flow of things.


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  • Mr. Norman Jaquemot

    Although summer recess has arrived, we, as liberals, must remain watchful on how the oppositions plan to use their summer holidays to rally up support for their respective party. I suggest we organize social gatherings like Bar-B-Qs or burger batches where we could drum up support for OUR party and promote positive politics. We need to feel the pulse of the population coast-to-coast and decide on a strategy based on what Canadians would want us to prioritize, and we could also pick up on the critics we receive from certain individuals at the same time. This approach will give the tone for the return in fall, with us knowing about Canadians concerns at street level. From there we will be able to respond adequately to the population’s expectancies because of all the information we will have gathered from these gatherings.

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