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Political Prediction For BC

The BC Liberals and Greens have been on far more friendly terms with each other – both personally and politically – then the NDP and the Greens. NDP supporters still are attacking Greens as robbing them of winning government when it in fact appears disaffected Liberal voters went to the Greens.

That said.. the Greens and NDP do seem to have more common ground on environmental issues and potentially electoral reform.. and there is the fact that the BC Liberals have been in power a long time… notwithstanding the insults I’ve seen from NDP’ers on social media, the Green political grassroots seems to in general be far more willing to work with the NDP.

So.. I’m giving odds of a 60-40% chance the BC Libs fall in a non-confidence vote and the NDP will take the reins, propped up informally (not in a coalition) by the Green Party in exchange for key platform demands to be moved on.


1 comment to Political Prediction For BC

  • Ron

    Agenda for Weaver & Horgan:

    1) stop Site C,
    2) stop KM,
    3) ban big money from BC politics
    4) implement PR with a referendum after two elections under PR

    If Weaver sides with CC he is finished in politics (especially after his anti-BDS hysteria)

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