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Conservative Clown Show – Leadership Race.

It’s been interesting to watch the Conservative Party Leadership Race. It’s definitely more entertaining then the current NDP leadership race. There, the NDP has had trouble finding anyone to run, although the addition of Niki Ashton might liven things up a bit.

A lack of candidates is, as you undoubtedly know, not the case in Conservative Party-Land. Everyone wants to run the Conservative Party, it seems. When there are this many candidates, those who are behind or those trying to hold onto a lead will start to look for an edge or stop others from getting an edge. The latest in that is every side accusing the other of vote-rigging.. which had former Harper aide Andrew MacDougall lamenting the whole affair in the Globe and Mail:

What began with a whisper into a reporter’s ear from Kevin O’Leary’s campaign of a (largely) unsubstantiated claim of membership irregularities has quickly escalated into messy internecine war. Mr. O’Leary fingered fellow front-runner Maxime Bernier as the culprit, prompting Mr. Bernier to call Mr. O’Leary a “loser” in response. Suspecting a feint, other candidates piped up to ask Mr. O’Leary to put up or shut up. But then the party stepped in to confirm Mr. O’Leary’s concerns by revoking more than 1,300 memberships, although the party couldn’t say whose campaign was behind the offending sales. Cue a retaliatory rigging story, this time with Mr. Bernier’s supporters impugning the O’Leary campaign’s efforts in the Sikh community in Toronto, backed by a sworn affidavit. The O’Leary campaign quickly denied the allegation.

That has led to others on social media reminding folks that certain PC leadership candidates have had a past history of doing this sort of stuff.

Oh, and by the way, the Conservative Party has now revoked 1300 memberships it deems invalid, though it couldn’t (or wouldn’t) say who was responsible. Oh, and Andrew Macdougall basically lauds Kevin O’Leary as a hero for being a “fresh set of eyes” to point these things out.

Kevin O’Leary is the hero for the Conservative Party? Maxime Bernier is the other front-runner for the Conservative Party? Funny stuff.

UPDATE: My thanks to my Conservative social media follower on Twitter for raging at my missing 1 letter in his Conservative Party and correcting me. Nice to have spell-checker zealots trying to distract from the main point of the post.


2 comments to Conservative Clown Show – Leadership Race.

  • Purple Library Guy

    I might consider Caron if he didn’t back free trade (yes, with some wiggles about how there should be better rules for the nice things, but Bill Clinton used to say that too, it’s the standard line). People, particularly economists, who back free trade basically believe in business-as-usual neoliberal free-market economics. This is a problem both because it’s a fairy tale and because specifically it’s a fairy tale endorsed by the hyperwealthy to benefit them and hose us. People who support the economic frame peddled by the hyperwealthy should not be leading the NDP; even if they may struggle to do useful things within that framework, they will not be able to because it’s there to hose us.

  • Brachina

    I admit that for a while it was empty space in the NDP leadership race, no one seemed to want the job, but now things a have turned a corner, you have Guy (pronounce Gee) Caron who is an economist, former college radio host, and former critic for Finance, International Trade, Natural Resources, Atlantic Canada, and MP, who is advocating a Basic Income (this is who I support personally).

    Nikki Ashton former leadership contender, and former education and, status of women critic. Currently an MP.

    Peter Julian, former oil worker, and critic for just about everything at some point in his career as an MP.

    Charlie Angus, Punk Rocker, has had various critic roles.

    And another guy is trying to enter the race, a retired soldier and veterans omnibudsmen.

    A vary interesting group and that is before we consider Jagmeet Sigh and Sid Ryan possibly joining.

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