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A shout-out to a political local friend.

I wanted to take this time to congratulate a local Brantford Liberal and friend of mine – Donna Nelson. She’s the current President of the local Brantford-Brant Women’s Club, but she’s now going to be doing a bigger role ;). It was announced from Cristina Taglione, who is President of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission, that Donna has been chosen to be the OWLC’s new VP of Fundraising.

Cristina’s announcement of this can be read here. Congrats again Donna.. I know you will represent Brantford-Brant well and will do great work for the OWLC.

UPDATE: I would be remiss if I didn’t include a link  to show the good work the Women’s Club in Brantford-Brant has done, as well as the Seniors Club and the local Brantford-Brant Young Liberals.  Here is the website.. check it out!




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