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Bloggers are not dead just yet.

First of all: Happy New Year 2017 to all of my readers.

Secondly, thanks to Warren for his nice shout-out to me (and to other long-time bloggers) as proof that bloggers and blogging aren’t dead, as claimed by a writer in the National Post. I don’t blog as much on my personal website here as I once did, but I’ve never thought about abandoning it. I still have a nice readership, and I still get lots of hits from government offices in QUeen’s Park and Parliament Hill.. so that alone is enough motivation to keep me going.. What I’ve found is I’ve branched out more to do more social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, but when I do blog, I make sure I link to those social media forums to bring them back to the blog.

A commentator (edit: who turns out to be my friend known online in social media circles as Aurelia Cotta) over at Warren’s discussion forum put it aptly and accurately, I think:

Blogging has also taken many different forms over the years. The current version I see most often, is a citizen having a main destination website for the his own activities, person, brand. And social media branches off that main website but brings them back to your site to get more, see more, eg. Posts with pictures, and links to your Instagram, your Pinterest, your twitter, your Snapchat, your Youtube, Vines (ok, those are gone, LOL) hell even their Facebook Live broadcast video, gets comments and reactions and replies made as videos, and yes, some long form notes they write can be posted there at their home website to bring them back to see more details, bios, stories…

Still another commentator said that you can only impart so much information in a Tweet; if you want an in-depth article or discussion, that is what bloggers do.

As for Progressive Bloggers, the big progressive blogging aggregates that is going on 12 years this year, some changes have occurred… the # of self-identified partisan blogs (such as me) has gone down. That is most pronounced of Liberal Party bloggers (who now seem to be all working in Ottawa ;))but it is true a lot of the blogs that were affiliated with partisan parties have also gone down from a decade ago. The blogs these days at Progressive Bloggers are ones that don’t identify with specific party.. but focus on issues important to them. That’s not a particularly bad thing.

The monthly and yearly #’s for Progressive Blogger hits isnt as high as Warren’s, but still enough to re-assure me that blogging is not dead – it just has evolved. I believe it won’t be disappearing any time soon.


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