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The phony War On Christmas reaches Canada.

You’ve probably noticed over the last decade around Christmas time there is a hue and cry from conservative folks about a “War on Christmas”. They speak darkly about those apparently seeking to somehow strip the Christian roots of the holiday out of Christmas. This has been mainly taking place in the US.. but it has reached Canada too, judging from the reaction on social media to various politicians wishing folks “Happy Holidays” rather then saying “Merry Christmas”. Two such examples are Maryam Monsef getting attacked on Twitter by a Twitter account run by the Trent Conservatives, and a couple of weeks ago, in another attack that involved me, London Liberal MP Kate Young got slammed for wishing me Happy Holidays by a hostile tweeter who was obviously tracking her looking for things to go after her about (I know this because the tweet was directly to me, and the person wouldn’t have seen it without doing a search of Kate’s twitter feed, since he wasn’t a follower of mine). This clown decided to speak on my behalf by claiming Kate (and by extension the Liberals) were cow-towing to the Muslims.

I have not yet seen a call by these same folks asking for a boycott of the same-named song off of the radio during this festive season. I’m sure composer Irving Berlin and singers Bing Crosby, Andy Williams etc would be horrified to know they are practically leading the theme song for the “War on Christmas”! Anyhow.. awaiting the call for a ban on that song.. (which I suspect won’t ever come).

For the record, I’m a practicing Christian, and I have no issue saying “Happy Holidays” or receiving such wishes in place of “Merry Christmas” It’s all the same sentiment of good-will to me. There are multiple holidays at this time of year, *such as Hanukkah for those celebrating the Jewish Faith) so saying a generalized phrase to include every holiday is a good gesture of inclusiveness and good-will.

Lastly, I believe Christianity as a religion is not as flimsy as these folks believe in thinking that wishing someone “Happy Holidays” rather then “Merry Christmas” is somehow going to cause it to wilt and go away. All this is is a clumsy attempt to hide bigotry and racism behind a false cry. Unfortunately, with Trump and his band in power.. it’ll probably get worse over the next 4 years.

Its missed on a lot of these folks that by attacking others the way they do, they’re the ones taking “Christ” out of Christmas.. not those who are wishing everyone of all different faiths and creeds “Happy Holidays”.


2 comments to The phony War On Christmas reaches Canada.

  • rww

    The only war going on during these days is the war on recognizing that other holidays besides Christmas exists.

  • Pamela Mac Neil

    It boggles the mind that someone would make the leap that saying Happy Holidays to someone is cow-towing to the Muslims.

    Challenging such mindlessness for an intelligent person like yourself can at times be mentally wearysome, but the fact that this moron chose to speak on your behalf is beyond the pale.

    Happy Holidays!

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