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Archives is an interestingly worded survey, to say the least.

In brief.. I took this because I’m interested in electoral reform. I took this because its the tool the government is going to use to gauge user response. I encourage everyone to go and participate.

That said… some of the questions are leading to a conclusion to say the least – what we call a push-poll in the polling industry. I’m not very happy with how the government chose to frame some of the question wording.,, making the either/or choices seem like if you take 1 choice, the alternative outcome is the worst possible alternative outcome. Between that and Maryam Monsef’s performance in the House last week (which she thankfully has apologized for, but the damage is done), some of us electoral reformers in the Liberal Party are a tad uneasy these days as to whether the Liberal government is going to try and find any way possible to escape actually reforming the system if it doesn’t come to their preferred outcome – whatever that might be (some say that’s ranked ballot, some say that’s the current status quo).

For what its worth.. this is what I am according to the site after I finished answering

My democracy is diverse and inclusive

Innovators are generally among the most open to new ideas to improve the way Parliament works. Innovators tend to favour cooperation over competition when it comes to politics and to prefer governments that seek compromise with other parties. They typically support the idea of parties working together and sharing responsibility for decisions.

Innovators are commonly interested in new ways to increase diversity of Parliament. They tend to prefer that Members of Parliament, as a whole, better reflect Canada’s diverse population, which includes having more women and candidates from visible minority groups elected.

Of all the groups, Innovators are most likely to welcome having a greater diversity of ideas and political viewpoints expressed and represented in Parliament. They also tend to believe that voters should have more options or additional ways to express their choices on the ballot during an election.

Innovators are generally quite concerned about voter turnout in Canada. They are the most open to the possibility of online voting as a means to increase electoral participation. Innovators are also the most likely to support the idea of mandatory voting as they tend to see voting as a democratic duty.


3 comments to is an interestingly worded survey, to say the least.

  • Rob Legg

    I find it odd that all of the ‘themes’ ignore what looks like a Weibull distribution drawn in the background. If this is a true representation of respondent population, then more then half respondents are off of the chart.
    The imbalance is carried through to the geographical distribution chart, where two categories are not visible in the plot.

  • Ron

    I attended the local ERRE and submitted written feedback.
    This silly pop quiz is an insult.

  • I thought this was an extremely poorly worded survey, obviously designed to be confusing and allow for interpretation of the results, rather than asking some straight forward questions. I can only guess they are doing that so the can “interpret” the answer they want rather than give us the system we want. Asshats.

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