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US Election Prediction: Two bets / prediction winning streak on the line.

So unless you’re totally uninterested and don’t follow politics (which if you are, I’m not sure why you’re reading me right now) or been under a rock, you know tomorrow is the US Election. It’s been an unusual and nasty campaign, to put it mildly.

I’m just putting out there for the public record that I have 2 bets on the line for me… putting my 6 in a row prediction streak – which has involved winning more then a few free dinners and drinks, with 1 still owed to me from the Quebec general election – (Hi Lyndsay!)  also on the line.

My first bet is with a local Brantford Conservative friend/associate of mine named Trevor. That bet is fairly straightforward; I predicted Clinton wins, the Senate flips to Democratic control, and the Democrats would cut into the House Republican seat majority. He thinks Trump wins (this bet was made a couple of months ago, I might add).

My other bet is a bit more complex and was made  with Quito Maggi, the president of the polling firm Mainstreet Research about 2 weeks ago. (who has a new Ontario poll out this AM by the way that should make the Ontario Liberal government cringe a bit). This bet has 2 angles to it.  On the over/under of electoral votes, I predicted Clinton would be north of 300. He took the under.  A dinner is on the line.  The 2nd part of the bet that may or may not take effect.. if Clinton loses outright, I owe him 2 dinners.  For my part, if Clinton gets north of 400 EV, he owes me a 2nd dinner.

I am fairly confident of the 1st part of my bet.. but since the FBI and Comey decided to act like the RCMP circa 2006, even I’m fairly certain Quito is safe on the 400EV part of the bet..

Tune in tomorrow night to see if my political prediction win streak stays alive or no.



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