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Liberals have the progressive base on their side – can they keep it?

Liberals are often accused of running (a campaign) on the left and governing right(wing).  but recent polling shows that so far, the voters on the progressive left have been rather happy with the Justin Trudeau Government.

This article here by Eric Grenier highlights an Innovative Research Poll that shows the core groups that are considered left wing voters (“core left,” “left liberals” and the “populist left.” is how Innovative has classified them) abandoned the NDP in droves for the Liberals in October’s election, and that support has deepened. There is also this mention of an Abacus Poll showing a similar trend:

A recent poll by Abacus Data also hints at trouble for the New Democrats on the left flank. The Liberals were leading the NDP by a margin of 51 to 26 per cent among centre-left voters in the Abacus survey, and were also ahead among those who self-identified as being on the left by 47 to 23 per cent.

The Justin Trudeau Liberal government will want (and need) to continue to keep their election promises – or as many as is feasible/possible – to keep the progressive left voters who abandoned the NDP (and is the reason Tom Mulcair is no longer NDP leader) on the Liberals side, and try to resist temptation to slide back to the right where possible. It will help ensure that the progressive left coalition will be back to voting/supporting them in 2019


1 comment to Liberals have the progressive base on their side – can they keep it?

  • Ron Waller

    Trudeau is another Obama. How long was it before progressive voters realized he was a right-of-center fake agent of change?

    What “progressive” promises does Trudeau have to keep? Being opposed to federal carbon pricing, daycare and pharmacare? Supporting TPP free trade and $15-billion a year in corporate tax cuts? Implementing Harper’s $36-billion cuts to healthcare transfers and Liberal upper-middle-class tax cuts?

    My bet is that it won’t be long before Canadians realize this shiny Real Change is just more Tough Tory Times that started when Mulroney came to power. (One needs a time machine to find a centrist Keynesian Liberal: at least back to the 1995 manufactured-crisis budget when Chretien purged the remaining ones.)

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