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Some updates; CNOY Walk, Progressive Bloggers, Winnipeg LPC Convention

Briefly – a couple of updates.

THe Brantford Coldest Night of The Year Walk in Brantford went very well. Our team Red Warmth (Captained by Danielle Takacs, my good friend and past candidate for the Liberals in Brantford-Brant in 2015)  was first in Brantford at the time of opening ceremonies for the walk. We raised over $5550. We were also #1 in Brantford for most donor recipients and Top 20 in most donors in Canada.  So, the team did very well.  Donations are still accepted until March 18, so if you still wish to donate, the link is here. Brantford fell a bit short of their overall $40,000 goal, so every $ til then counts still.

Secondly.. as Progressive Blogger administrator, the site’s database is having a couple of major issues, so yes, I’m aware it hasnt updated in a couple of days. We are trying hard to get those resolved. I will post an update on social media when we’re back running properly.

Lastly, I’ll add that the Biennial Liberal Convention is coming up in Winnipeg.. and as with other conventions, there will be positions up for election.  I probably will not be at the Convention, but nevertheless, I will try to see if I can get interviews with some of the candidates who are running for major leadership positions – in my “5 questions” format – leading up to that convention. At least 1 person has declared already to be running for National Policy Chair as an example, and I’ve already sent that person 5 questions. Hope to see that blogpost next week.




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