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Helping The Homeless and Street Youth in Brantford/ across Canada on Feb 20th

I just wanted to mention that for the 2nd year in a row, I’m participating in a charity walk on Feb 20th called “Coldest Night Of The Year”. It is a 2k/5k/10k walk that is raising $ for 2 worthy organizations: The Why Not Youth Centre (which helps street kids and other kids have a safe haven – and also teaches them some life skills too) as well for the Brantford Welcome-In-Resource Centre – which is the fancy name for the Brantford Homeless Shelter, (though they do much more then that).

The team I am on (Red Warmth) is doing pretty well; we’re in 2nd place in Brantford and smashed our 2000$ goal sometime ago.. we’re in 2nd place and in a bit of a friendly competition with the team ahead of us.. so I was just asking my blogger/social media community (I hesitate to say “fans”) who reads me to consider donating to the team to help a worthy case (and to see if we can give the lead team a run .. er… a walk.. for its money 😉 )

The link for donating to my team is here (you could also donate to me personally, too,, but the money all goes to the same cause and is all added up in the end). Any amount is welcome,  but you need to give a minimum of 20$ to get a tax receipt.

Thanks for your support if you so choose to give it (and if not me, consider donating to the CNOY walk in your local community. There are walks across Canada that evening).


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