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Poll: 8/10 of Canadians feel Trudeau/LPC doing good/acceptable job on electoral reform

Lots of sound and fury out there in some quarters (mostly the Conservative Party, and academics/newspaper pundits/editorialists) about how dare the Liberal government propose changing the electoral system from First Past The Post to something else without a referendum (even after extensive public consultations are held)! Its an affront to democracy!

According to the Canadian public in the first poll taken on the topic (amongst a wide variety of topics asked them by Abacus), it appears they like what the Trudeau government’s approach to electoral reform.

According to Abacus: 37% of Canadians say the PM is doing a good job on the electoral reform issue, another 44% acceptable, while only 19% are unhappy. That may indicate the general population are “meh” over the need of having a referendum, as opposed to the Conservative Party and certain media/pundits/columnists who are in an uproar over it.

It’s at an early stage, but at this point, if those #’s continue to hold, the Liberals are under no pressure from the Canadian public to change their referendum stance (and I’ve long stated I don’t feel a referendum is necessary to change the House of Commons voting setup – and its certainly not mandated by the Constitution or a slap in the face to the Supreme Court, as I read 1 hysterical column today in the Star). I would urge the government to stand fast on this (while at the same time ensuring the consultation process is indeed broad and extensive)



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