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Compassion confounds Conservatives

I get the feeling that Conservative supporters are confounded Canadians like a PM with compassion. Amongst the sites that still allow comment sections (and that number is shrinking, but that’s another story), on any given story that shows Prime Minister Trudeau’s empathy, you’ll see, guaranteed, the cross-section of Conservative commentators going on about the selfies etc.

At one news magazine  site yesterday, which reported on Prime Minister’s Trudeau taking 20 kids with him from the local sick kids hospital to catch an early opening of the new Star Wars movie,  one long time conservative supporting commenter bitterly complained that a) Trudeau was using these kids as ‘photo-props’. b) former Prime Minister Harper would NEVER have done that -  that what he would have done to help these kids was give their parents a better child tax credit.. and so on.

While Conservatives complain about a Prime minister posing for selfies and “taking photos” of his charitable side, the Canadian public at large apparently likes the Real Change it sees:

Justin Trudeau is everywhere…He hobnobs with world leaders, cheerfully greets Syrian refugees at the airport, poses sexily in the pages of Vogue, makes moist-eyed pledges to rebuild relations with the country’s Indigenous peoples, and geeks out to the latest Star Wars film. There will come a time when this is all too much. But it’s nowhere in sight. The latest polls suggest that somewhere around two-thirds of Canadians approve of Trudeau and the blizzard of initiatives his Liberal government has let fly since winning power Oct. 19. (my emphasis – ST)


And why do people like Trudeau and his style?

Trudeau won in October because he was the anti-Stephen Harper. His early popularity as PM is thanks to more of the same, both in policy and style. Trudeau embraces the touchy-feely aspects of the job that his reserved predecessor so clearly loathed. He hugs and kisses, bestows backslaps and double-pump handshakes, and, when required, can demonstrate the full spectrum of human emotion.

In other-wards, people appreciate we don’t have a robot at 24 Sussex anymore. Conservatives continue to rage against this and continually try to claim this proves he is “not ready” and variations of this (I believe Rona Ambrose accused Trudeau of being the “selfie PM” after the Throne Speech a week and a bit ago). Those attacks were rejected on Oct 19, and continuing what they know best -smears and personal putdowns -  isn’t working right now either for them.  Speaking from a purely partisan viewpoint, long may they continue down that futile course.

UPDATE @ 11:42 am: Montreal Simon says the same sort of thing as I do at his blog, only with more pictures and with more humour.


2 comments to Compassion confounds Conservatives

  • Kevin

    I seem to remember when Harper was all buddy buddy with Bush that all the liberal supporters squawked about that. You were very anti-American then. My how things have changed. I guess it all depends on how the wind blows for you to make up your minds
    I will not be envious. I’m glad Harper held his ground and didn’t pony up to Obama. History will determine if his 8 years in office were successful or not. The big issue is that the American public will have to pay for his financial decisions for many years to come

  • Pamela Mac Neil

    It’s going to get worse. Wait until Obama rolls out the red carpet for him when he goes to the States. The Cons will be beside themselves with anger and envy. I do think that alot of their criticism, almost all personal,comes from their envy.

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