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Going to be a long 4 years (for Conservative supporters)

You might have caught a while back that interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose promised her party would use a “new tone” now that they were in opposition, implying the nasty personal smear attacks were a thing of the past.

Apparently, Conservative MP Candice Bergen didn’t get that memo when she posted this to Twitter last night.

They really are taking this election result hard. You can also see it in the Conservative supporters on social media. Take for example this CTV/Nanos poll today that showed a large majority – nearly 74% – of Canadians felt that Justin Trudeau had the qualities of a good leader.  According to Conservatives, that poll was either rigged because Nanos was a biased Liberal, or 1000 people don’t equal the country (just ignore the fact that same pollster was one of the most accurate with accuracy in polling the Oct 19 election result).

The Conservative-leaning media aren’t having a very good time of it either. As one of my fellow progressive bloggers also said on Twitter (an NDP’er), “The same media outlets that advocated Harper’s reelection are now also calling for the continuance of Harperist foreign policy. No surprise”

I’ve never seen such a hue and outcry demanding a government overturn some key planks in its election platform, that it ran and won on not even a month into its mandate.. and Parliament hasnt even sat yet in the first session of this government.

I’ll either be amused or horrified the next 4 years reading these folks, but there will be plenty of material to blog about.


3 comments to Going to be a long 4 years (for Conservative supporters)

  • Bill Malcolm

    Intelligence has never been a criterion for conservatism. The baying of the pack to basically kill off anything non-white is an easy appeal to knuckledraggers and fundamentalists who read and interpret the tea leaves in the words of the King James version of the Bible. White Racists basically along with a few fellow travellers that have fried brains like Ben Carson and other apologists.

  • Pamela Mac Neil

    Probably one of the disturbing attributes of the CONs, is they are incapable of self reflection. They can’t introspect and thus evaluate what they sound like. We should remember all of these CONs were obedient serfs to Harpers will. What happens when a group of people are blindly obedient to their leader and that leader leaves? They need to continue being obedient and my guess is it’s Kenney they are taking their talking poinst from. Ambrose is just keeping the leadership seat warm for Kenney.

  • Sadly, I fear you are all too correct. These folks are making little to no sense at the moment, they are acting like Trudeau must continue Harperium policy despite the clear fact he won his majority on presenting a fundamentally different political perspective and agenda than what the Harperium did. They are abusing a serious tragedy for nakedly partisan purposes literally almost before the blood was washed away from the street. They clearly are not handling not being in power anymore at all well, and if this is the early indication of how they took the message the Canadian electorate delivered to them it is going to get increasingly poisonous very quickly coming from the Official Opposition side of things. As for the media side of things, they keep this nonsense up they will help generate the public support for breaking up the current media concentration that is allowing them to be this abusive, as it is I hear a lot of grumbling from people across the spectrum about how bad that has gotten, with the way the Harperium was clearly endorsed by Postmedia’s entire chain under order of its top being one of the clearer examples of this.

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