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Election 42 Post-mortem. Good things ahead for Liberals nationally, and in Brantford-Brant

The campaign is over for the 42nd general election, and I will make a slow but gradual return to normalcy and to blogging. I have been notably absent from here.. mainly because I have more or less been volunteering on my friend Danielle Takacs’ Brantford-Brant campaign full time (more on that in a bit). As with regards to the election, from a Liberal point of view, it turned out way better then we could have hoped for. We knew we had momentum going into the final day(s) of the campaign from the polls, but the question would be how efficient our vote would be.

The answer as it turned out was very efficient. We swept the Atlantic, manged to win a majority of seats in Quebec (first time since Pierre Trudeau in 1980 that the Liberals have had that) and took 2/3 of the seats in Ontario. We even managed to gain seats in Alberta and in unexpected places in BC. All in all, a great night, and a majority that will allow Mr. Trudeau to implement his agenda. May it be an ambitious and activist and progressive one.

As for Brantford-Brant, we unfortunately came up slightly short. Phil McColeman is a very popular incumbent, and we also were running against an experienced NDP candidate. When it was all said and done however, we nearly doubled the Liberal vote from 2011 and actually ended up with more votes then what Liberal MPP (and current Speaker of the Ontario Legislature) Dave Levac received when he won in 2014. Mr. McColeman just was able to pull out more of his vote. Our optimism is that most of our 9000 vote increase from 2011 came from increased turnout in the riding – those people liked both the Liberal Party and Danielle’s messages of change and a positive campaign. We will look to build on that the next time out. I am very proud of my friend Danielle for how she ran her campaign and her dignity and class in doing so.

Danielle is a terrific person. I know she will remain active in the Brantford-Brant area with the charities and groups she is involved in, and I am pleased to read and hear from her that she wishes to run again, (per the riding association picking her of course). If and when she does, she already has my support. Congrats Danielle, for running a clean, positive, optimistic campaign, for reviving the Liberal Party in Brantford, and for your hope and hard work.

Volunteers at Danielle Takacs’s post-election thank you potluck in Brantford-Brant.


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