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We get a (poorly crafted) political hatemail letter at the Diatribes – and not even to me.

I’ve not blogged in awhile. When you’re doing some volunteer work, that tends to happen (though I remain active on social media). However, my first political hatemail of the campaign has caused me to break my blogging hiatus, because it amused me.

The letter reads:

Thank you ,Haley ,for letting your name stand as a Liberal candidate. Your party(and mine) have run this country for many years with solid
government decisions. Liberal deficits are: lack of Armed Forces support, allowing abortions and possibly assisted euthanasia. When you
get into office, please give these issues your compassionate life-affirming decisions.

Thank you and Best Wishes for your WIN!! Nancy

You may be wondering – as was I as first – who “Haley” is supposed to be… then I realized the last blogpost I have on here is an interview with Haley Brown the LPC candidate for Calgary-Midnapore. Apparently, the email’er believes this blog to be Haley’s, not mine (this was an email to me, remember, not a comment on the post). Scott’s Diatribes as a blogname isn’t clear enough apparently.. I’ll need to come up with a better blog-name to signify who I am.

The rest.. well.. I was tempted to email back to ask “Is that sarcasm, or are you really voting Liberal, wishing us well?” But.. I held off. (Email originated from Calgary.. so at least it’s a local attack)

Anyhow.. thanks for the email, and i’ll pass it along to Haley’s crew, if only to give them a laugh.


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