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5 Q’s Interview with Haley Brown, Liberal #LPC candidate for Calgary-Midnapore

haley-brown11_17082015_113602I’ve not done one of these interviews in awhile, but an opportunity came up to send some questions to Haley Brown, the LPC candidate  who is running against Jason Kenney in the riding of Calgary-Midnapore. If there was ever a Cabinet Minister I’d like to see toppled, Mr. Kenney is at the top of the list.   I thank Haley for taking the time to answer the questions, and good luck to her and her campaign!



What made you decide you wanted to run to be the official candidate for the Liberals in your riding of Calgary-Midnapore?

I have always been involved in politics by staying informed, voting, and volunteering in campaigns. I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to work on the G8 Summit held in Kananaskis when Jean Chretien was our Prime Minister. I strongly believe it is important to have your voice heard and over the past decade have seen our democracy erode under the Harper regime.  Canada is better than this. We used to be a progressive leader on the international stage with a strong government, policy and economy.  This is no longer with the Conservatives who are divisive, protecting and promoting their own interests over Canada’s. Canada deserves a government that is fiscally responsible and socially progressive. The Liberal platform offers exactly that.

If a Justin Trudeau is elected (regardless of majority or minority), what do you feel would be key pressing issues a Justin Trudeau government should immediately act on within the first session of Parliament?

Canada’s economy has to be at the forefront of the first session of Parliament. It is clear that the Conservative “status quo” hasn’t worked for Canada with 9 consecutive deficits.  A balance needs to be achieved with our economy and environment; the Liberals are the only party to offer this where there is a focus on diversified economic solutions that work for everyone. Other parties favour the extremes which will not keep Canada competitive in the long term.

There is a saying that “all politics is local”. At present, do you feel there are there any local issues in Calgary-Midnapore that may come into play during the election campaign, or is it going to be based on national issues only?

Alberta is often overlooked and taken for granted by the Conservatives in Ottawa, many of whom no longer even live here or spend any time in the communities they represent, creating a total disconnect. I believe Alberta has a unique place in Canada and as a Member of Parliament I will be a strong voice for Calgary Midnapore and for Alberta.  We need to develop our resources responsibly, while encouraging innovation. Alberta and Canada can be a leader on this front as we have the entrepreneurship, intelligence, and quality of work.

Related to that, there are some who say once an MP is elected, the constituency’s wishes or concerns sometimes get ignored. Is there anything specific you would do to keep in touch with the riding, and related to that how do you feel you can best represent the riding in Ottawa?

That is exactly what has happened to Calgary Midnapore, whose main predecessor riding (Calgary South East) had been represented by Jason Kenney for over a decade. When I go door to door, many of the people who live in the riding don’t even know he’s their Member of Parliament and have certainly never seen him. He’s from Ontario, and only comes around during Stampede for a photo opportunity. As a Member of Parliament I will be the exact opposite and believe it starts with the community. I am an avid volunteer and will truly be a part of the community and live in the riding. You can only be a true representative if you are involved in the riding that has elected you as their voice.

What do you feel are or have been the Conservatives and the Harper government’s chief weaknesses as they’ve been in government (either recently or over all – something you feel will be a big theme for you to mention in the election campaign)?

Disconnect and self-interest.  Those words encompass what Mr. Harper and the Conservatives are and how they have governed.  They are an opaque government who only works with others who align with their sole ideals. This is not good policy or good government and this does not put Canada’s interests first.  Even this election campaign, the longest one in modern Canadian history, is solely to benefit the Cons and preserve their jobs. It also forces the Canadian tax payer to foot a much greater bill at the end.  With a Liberal government we can get Canada back to a place where Canadian values are embraced, where evidence based policy is supported, where there is a strategic vision for growth, and where innovation and real change can take place.


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