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Election 42 kicks off. Nanos poll, Trudeau start bolsters LPC. Danielle Takacs shows why I support her.

The 42nd General Election writ was dropped yesterday, causing the 11 week campaign to officially begin.

It was interesting watching Harper try to pull off an Orwellian type response to why such a long campaign, claiming that it would somehow save money for the taxpayers – while it’s generally known that this extra long campaign will cost taxpayers an extra $125 million dollars.  Also, ISIS, ISIS and more ISIS. We’re apparently supposed to be scared into voting for the CPC again.  Also, the economy isn’t doing that great, we’re still going to run a deficit this year,  according to the Parliamentary Budget Office, and we’re in a technical recession, but anyone else would do worse. The Conservative campaign in a nutshell, apparently.

While Harper was doing what was rather predictable, NDP leader  Thomas Mulcair did something rather unexpected; he gave a statement but took no questions, and then got burned the rest of the day for it. It made him look like he and his team felt he was the front-runner, so they weren’t going to do anything to screw things up. Instead, he ended up looking like Harper in avoiding unscripted moments – and even Harper took 5 questions yesterday. Not a good start for someone claiming to be Prime Minister in waiting.

As for the Liberals, Justin took some initial heat from some pundits for not immediately being available to response to the writ drop – apparently many Canadians were up on Sunday morning waiting to hear from him- but his performance at the Vancouver PRIDE parade plus his news conference, where he said that unlike other party leaders, he’d take as many questions as they had, and saying he promised to be at Vancouver PRIDE, and Harper wasn’t going to make him break it (as well as saying getting out of the Ottawa Bubble is good) went over very well. A lot of media commentary online and on TV declared Justin Trudeau the winner of Day 1.

The Liberals were also bolstered by a new Nanos poll yesterday showing them in a 3 way race within the Margin Of Error and gaining on the other 2 parties:

The latest ballot tracking from Nanos Research shows a razor-thin margin of voter preference support separating the first-place Conservatives from the NDP and Liberals, in a survey that asked respondents which two parties they would consider voting for in their local riding. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives led the survey results with 31.5 per cent support overall, followed closely by Thomas Mulcair’s NDP at 30.1 per cent, with Justin Trudeau’s Liberals trailing at 29.3 per cent support.

Nanos is regarded as the premier pollster in Canada with the most accurate results, so this result was greeted with much delight in Liberal circles, as it shows us much closer then some other pollsters have shown, and the LPC gaining.  The LPC had a very good day overall yesterday.

Finally. I just wanted to link to a posting my friend Danielle Takacs – who is running in Brantford-Brant  – posted at her campaign page as to why she is running. Her posting shows why I am supporting her – besides being her friend, I mean. She is running for the right reasons. I encourage you to go read it. The last couple of paragraphs describing her getting a donation from one of her volunteers who is dying and given only months to live is particularly.. poignant. I teared up, quite frankly, when I was told what had occurred.




3 comments to Election 42 kicks off. Nanos poll, Trudeau start bolsters LPC. Danielle Takacs shows why I support her.

  • Roll Tide

    I think Justin is sinking.

  • bob

    Hope Justin shows some life because I really want to see the CPC in third place. How about if Justin goes skeet-shooting??

  • Brachina

    I found the Forum poll, the first poll of the actual election far more interesting, 39% for the NDP, 28% for the cpc, and 25% for the liberals.

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