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Celebrating 10 years of Progressive Bloggers today

progblog_051Today is a pretty neat day –  I’ll be in Toronto gathering with some of our blogging afffiliates past and present to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Progressive Bloggers – the original blogging aggregator of progressive blogs in Canada. It was started up in June 2005 by Wayne Chu, aided by Dan Arnold (of CalgaryGrit fame) with some advice from me and others on forming something to show the then very active blogosphere there were more then just the Blogging Tories online. (The blogosphere back then was seemingly dominated by conservative blogs – I’d like to think we helped counter that a tad).

Wayne stepped away from his admin role in 2006 and handed the reins to me. We have undergone some transformations of aesthetics and of format and of moderators,  but we are still here,  and blogs are still here, despite their predicted death by some (though Liblogs, the Liberal blogging aggregate has seemingly and sadly ceased to be on the past couple of months). Progressive Bloggers still gets around 60 000 pageviews a month (or around 2000 a day), so there still is interest in reading detailed posts on topics, when people want more then 140 characters to analyze something. I expect those numbers to climb once the election hits in October.

I thank all those over the years who have been blogging affiliates and still are of Progressive Bloggers. Without you, there is no aggregate to show Canada.

(Also, as an aside, apologies for the length in between posts on here . As you can tell, I’ve been involved in helping out on a political campaign, plus other personal things have intervened at times,  and that leaves for long interludes between blogposts at times.)




2 comments to Celebrating 10 years of Progressive Bloggers today

  • rumleyfips

    Congratulations and thanks : I read it every day.

  • Congratulations and thanks Scott and to all your moderators and other ‘helpers’ Aprox 50% of my ‘hits’ come via PB which says much for your efforts……

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