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Angus Reid: Strong Support For Bill C51/Strong Support for Oversight. (Liberal position vindicated in this poll)

Given the furore over the past couple of months on social media – most of it NDP activist driven – you’d think that the entire country hated Bill C51, the new security and anti-terrorism bill – and entire sections of disaffected Liberal Party activists and voters were deserting the LPC and flocking to the NDP. A new poll by Angus-Reid released yesterday, however, would tend to show that narrative is false. There is still strong public support for Bill C51, but also strong support for adding oversight to make sure police and other agencies don’t overdo it:

Nationally, nearly three-in-four (72%) Canadians polled in a new public opinion survey by the Angus Reid Institute say they support the legislation, which was introduced in late January and has now passed third reading in the House of Commons, including one-quarter (24%) who say they “strongly” support it…Canadians remain concerned about the issue of police oversight – one of the central items in the debate surrounding the legislation. Seven-in-ten (71%) surveyed express an as-yet unmet desire to see additional supervision of law enforcement to ensure they don’t go overboard with their new powers. Conversely, one-in-three (29%) are satisfied with the level of police oversight that exists today. On this key issue, there has been no change in public opinion since the February poll.

You might be reading online that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have taken considerable flak about supporting this bill but promising to add oversight to its powers if elected. It would appear at least in this pollster’s numbers, the public is onside with that stance, and the LPC position on campaigning on additional oversight may not be so badly perceived in the public as some of the internal critics and NDP’ers think on social media.

THat said, do I think the bill is perfect? No, I’m uncomfortable with some aspects of it, but I believe once oversight is added to this law’s powers, it can be made a better bill.

EDIT: I am also sure someone will be taking this law to court to challenge some or all of its constitutionality once it’s officially passed, and that’s fine too.


3 comments to Angus Reid: Strong Support For Bill C51/Strong Support for Oversight. (Liberal position vindicated in this poll)

  • Brammer

    I can’t get past the fact that Trudeau stood with Harper in supporting C-51.

    Spin it all you want a-la “we’ll fix it later”, but the bill is pure security theatre. Increased warrantless surveillance and permission to violate charter rights, all without oversight. Don’t take my word for it, ask Dallaire, Seagal, and a host of other notable Canadian leaders.

    Last election I voted for and donated to the Libs. But, after C-51, I can’t trust Trudeau’s judgment.

    • Gunther Grosskamper

      Everything you state Brammer are the flaws that the Liberal amendments are designed to fix… Statements like yours only means that you are part of the minority of Canadians that can’t understand what the majority of Canadians want from their government…
      If you want to be led by Harper for another 4 years because you’re doing exactly what Harper wants you to do, so be it, that’s your choice… For my part I’m very glad that Justin Trudeau and the LPC are a lot smarter and politically astute than that and are listening to the vast majority of the Canadian public…
      While my initial reaction to Bill C-51 was the same as most Liberals, I soon realized why JT and the LPC had to vote for it in order to have the credibility to turn the tables regarding Bill C-51 back on Harper and his gang of CONS… I wrote the following once I realized voting FOR Bill C-51, since it couldn’t be stopped, and a majority of Canadians, rightly or wrongly, favoured the Bill, was the Liberals’ only viable option…

      Why-O-why are Canadians, along, with the (laughable) “media” most Canadians rely on for “unbiased” information (both main stream and social) so stupid about THEIR Parliamentary Democracy? Bill C-51 was a “done deal” the day it was tabled since Canadians gave Harper and his CONS a majority in Parliament in 2011 (there was no military coup to give Harper his power, Canadians gave it to him)… As well, the main reasons for Bill C-51 have absolutely nothing to do with “terrorism” or “keeping Canadians safe”… Bill C-51 came about because Harper, as he did in 2011 when with the help of his “media”, and NDP support, successfully changed CON Contempt and Corruption to talking about a non existent “coalition” defining the opposition to his own liking… This time around Bill C-51 came about so that Harper could again define the opposition parties….This time as being weak on “terrorism and keeping Canadians safe”, right along with keeping Canada’s tanking economy out of the spotlight… Luckily for Canadians, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada | Parti libéral du Canada were too smart and politically astute to fall for Harper’s ploy and are now in a position to turn the tables on Harper and his CONS once the election is called… Why not see for yourselves?
      When “the rubber meets the road” (Liberal ACTIONS=TALK)…
      If you have any doubts about what the Liberal plan for the CONS’ (it’s a CON Bill remember) Bill C-51 is, be sure to note that the Liberals are prepared to make the amendments a part of their Election Platform (in simple English)… That’s no small commitment for the Liberals to make with a pending election coming up…
      You may also wish to click on the link there to view the actual (PDF) text of the Liberal’s proposed amendments to address the oversight flaws with Harper’s Bill C-51, including a 3 year “sunset clause” and Parliamentary oversight to ensure it’s constant, strict, public oversight, and constant review, to PROTECT Canadians and their Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms…

  • Gunther Grosskamper

    Always nice to be vindicated by the Canadian public on what in the end is simply common sense… Justin Trudeau and the LPC have hundreds of “pollsters”, namely their candidates all across the country and their teams out daily taking the pulse of Canadians… Canadians want it all, both security and personal protections under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as they are entitled to, and Justin Trudeau and the LPC are simply following what their constituents, the people of Canada, have been telling them since the day Bill C-51 was introduced to allow Harper to define the opposition parties once they voted against this obviously outrageous Bill… Mulcair fell for the CON political ploy, but Trudeau didn’t, and in that alone the people of Canada can see who the best leader and party is to run a vast country like Canada on their (the Canadian people’s) behalf…

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