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Inconvenient comments from Conservatives on Budgets

Inconvenient comment #1:















Inconvenient Comment #2:

Former Conservative Finance Minister – the late Jim Flaherty – ruled out dipping into contingency fund last year to balance the books:

Flaherty told CBC News it would be “imprudent” to do so as the fund has frequently proven necessary. “If you do the arithmetic, we could have had a budget balanced by $100,000,” Flaherty said at the time. “I prefer to have a nice clean surplus.”

Inconvenient Comment #3:

Again from Jim Flaherty: this time rejecting dipping into the EI fund to balance the books:

“We do not take EI funds and use them to balance the budget. That’s what the Liberals did,”

Very Prescient Comment:

In that same article, now what the Parliamentary Budget Office said that has come true (denied by Flaherty, by the way):

A Parliamentary Budget Office report released Thursday said the Conservative government may need to depend on artificially high EI premiums, asset sales and spending restraint to balance the budget by the 2015 election.

Just some interesting things to remember what was said, don’t you think?


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  • Liam Young

    Don’t forget to add the MOST inconvenient comment, from our very own finance minister, the day after delivering his steaming heap of turn of a budget:
    “Amid criticism that it favours the wealthy and will saddle future governments with a tax leakage problem that could cost billions, Finance Minister Joe Oliver defended his budget’s plan to almost double the TFSA limit on Tuesday, saying we should “‘leave that to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s granddaughter to solve.'”
    Joe Oliver, April 22, 2015, with CBC host Amanda Lang.

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