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RIP Max Khan


Very shocking news this morning for those of us in the Liberal Party:

Max Khan, an Oakville town councillor and the federal Liberal candidate for Oakville North-Burlington, has died, according to a Liberal Party representative…Khan represented Ward 6 in Oakville, which he shared with Councillor Tom Adams. Adams said Khan died early Sunday morning. They had worked together for nine years.“I learned of it late, late last night and I understand he went into Oakville Trafalgar Hospital around 7 o’clock and passed away just a little after midnight,” Adams told the Star. Adams said Khan had been feeling ill and had gone to hospital for pneumonia-like symptoms.

I wanted to relay a story I mentioned on my own timeline at Facebook in a bit more detail. I met Max at a LPC conference in Hamilton last Fall. He happened to be sitting at the same table as Danielle and I and others who were there from Brantford-Brant. He happened to notice me “live-tweeting” some of the attendees speeches and he struck up a conversation with me about social media and blogging. He was astounded at how much social media tweets I’d done (and he took great interest in my blogposts). We had a very interesting chat.

He ended up following me on Twitter and I returned the favour, and I re-tweeted stuff I occasionally saw from him (and he did a couple for me). This February,  I decided out of the blue to ask him if he’d like to donate to my Coldest Night Of The Year charity walk I was involved in with the homeless and youth shelters in Brantford. He responded immediately – he was happy to do it – he thanked both me for doing the walk and said he also appreciated how I had done some Re-tweeting of his tweets. It was a very nice gesture from someone I’d only met in person at that point once.

I did get to say hello to Max in person at the Feb 15 Flag Day celebrations in Mississauga. He was very jovial when he saw me and came over to say hello. He apologized on that day to me for a delay in his donating.. he was a rather busy fellow with his campaign.. but true to his word.. he donated the very next day.. and it was one of the larger contributions I got from an individual.

My condolences to friends and family. RIP Max.



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