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How 2 cold winters in Eastern North America doesn’t disprove climate change/global warming.

When it gets as cold as it has this winter (and last), you often see message boards yelling, “How about that global warming!” … as if these winters prove to those who are climate change skeptics (or climate change deniers, as I call them)  that global warming or climate change is just one big government conspiracy theory to drive everyone’s taxes up and prevent people from getting rich(er) and insert government interference into everyone’s lives.

I saw a great counterpost to that  from a poster on the popular Weather Underground weather site, explaining to a climate change denier why the current cold trend in the Eastern North America does not mean climate change/global warming isn’t happening:

“..If you are wondering how weather events fit into climate change, there’s something that can help. This is called winter, winter still happens when the world is warmer. In fact, in a warmer world the atmosphere is capable of holding more water vapor. While that warmer world may prevent some areas from experiencing snow as it instead falls as rain, areas that are still cold enough to receive snow could see greatly increased precipitation events. The recent peer reviewed science has noted the trends in increased large precipitation events.

As for the colder than normal air, the pattern has displaced colder air from it’s normal places. Per a blogger, Alaska was seeing 50 degrees (F) and rain while the East coast was getting hammered with snow and ice. Out west you are seeing the one of the lowest snow packs ever recorded. The Arctic is currently running above average temperature wise with some areas as high as 4 – 6 degrees C above normal. And the ocean of the East coast where all this snow has been happening is in some places as much as 11 degrees C warmer than average. Is this weather pattern a trend? It is too soon to tell, but yes the past 2 winters have been cold in the East and Northeast while the globe has been warmer than average, to put in into perspective, despite the bitter cold in some parts of the U.S (and Canada)., January was the second warmest on record globally.

Sometimes it’s hard to remove yourself from the local perspective …and think larger.”

To illustrate his last points.. here’s a graphic visual showing that for January, while Eastern North America may have been below normal, the rest of the world certainly wasn’t:

To quote another friend of mine, “To loosely quote Donald Trump “global warming is a hoax because I’m cold.” This is the problem with deniers: they refuse to see the forest because of the tree right in front of them”.

We have a government in power right now in Canada where that last line is very applicable.


1 comment to How 2 cold winters in Eastern North America doesn’t disprove climate change/global warming.

  • billg

    Well, factually speaking, wouldnt that last line be applicable to the previous Liberal and Conservative govt?.
    Fair is fair.
    So, if you have a global warming conscience the only thing left to do is vote NDP or Green….the other 2 partys have no credibility..unless your willing to be fooled twice.
    I wonder in which of the 5 homes he owns does Al Gore keep his PPrize.

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