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Nothing Personal, Eve Adams, but Marco’s my pick.

I’m not going to get irate or flabbergasted or question her motives over her crossing the floor as some Liberals have. It took some courage to do this, and I don’t doubt Dimitri Soudas would be very helpful giving out internal Conservative Party campaign strategy or dirty laundry,  and I also think this does damage Harper and the CPC to a point (combined with John Baird suddenly leaving),  but at this point, I think Ms. Adams is a lightning rod for controversy.. and motivates Conservative voters in an otherwise winnable riding to flock to Joe Oliver.. so I’m hopeful that Marco Mendicino will stay in the race.. and if the reports of local Liberals there are any indication, he’ll win quite handily.

That said, Justin Trudeau was reported as saying Eve Adams would have to prove herself and win over lots of local Liberals in Eglinton-Lawrence, so if she manages to win the Liberal nomination, more power to her – the local Liberals have spoken. I just don’t think she will, given the furore.


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