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Internal CPC polling on Veterans Affairs issues must be terrible.

If the Conservative government – led by Harper in Question Period no less – has now decided they’re going to try to blame the Liberals for the current mess in Veteran Affairs (led by their mess of a minister Fantino),  polling and reaction to their current shabby treatment of Veterans must be pretty bad.

Their argument gets a tad undercut however when they’ve  had 10 years to fix any shortcomings (which Harper and party supported in 2005 and enthusiastically implemented in 2006), and are now in court trying to defend it against angry Veterans (and trying to use the argument the “moral obligation” to help returning vets was just political rhetoric).

There is other stuff going on in Veteran Affairs right now that can’t be blamed on the Liberal government from over a decade ago – such as cuts to the Department and over-worked caseloads for the remaining staff – that the Conservatives can’t deflect.. which is why they’ve been suddenly announcing “new hirings” in the department.

The Christmas break comes at a very convenient time for them.. this issue has dominated the airwaves for a couple of weeks now. Perhaps Harper will use the holidays to reflect that keeping Fantino on as Veteran Affairs minister is a bad idea, because this issue is not going to go away because of a 6 week holiday break.

In reality though, it won’t matter who Harper puts in there as Veterans Affairs minister as long as the Conservative government – and Harper – have a change of policy and a change of heart over how they treat Veterans oce they get home. Saying how much you support the troops rings hollow when you walk away from them, or worse, fight them in court over their benefits.

UPDATE: And we get more.

Tories warned of flawed Veterans Affairs caseload 2 years ago

As someone on Twitter said, that must be the Liberals fault too.


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