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I support turning Remembrance Day into a national statutory holiday

Canada’s Parliapoppyment has a private member’s bill going through Parliament right now that has government support into turning Remembrance Day into a national statutory holiday. It has a good chance of passing. For added pressure to do this, there is a petition going around on to be sent to the Canadian government showing support for this measure. As of this blogpost at this time , there were 54 000 + Candians who had signed/supported this.  You can add me to the list.

I know there will be arguments about how kids will just take the day off and not go to services, but bluntly, that is what parents are for.  My view is: you’ll still get the crowds you normally get on Remembrance Day anyhow,  so the crowds won’t go down –  they can only go up. Besides.. if you close everything down, like on Christmas and so on, people wont be able to go out and shop.. maybe more Canadians will tune in the services on TV even if they don’t go out to the local Cenotaph, so I don’t see the downside there.

I can’t think of a better and more appropriate holiday to add to the calendar as a statutory holiday – one  where religion or creed doesn’t matter.



3 comments to I support turning Remembrance Day into a national statutory holiday

  • Bill Longstaff

    And appealing to emotion out of context explains why we really don’t.

  • billg

    I agree with a national holiday for Remembrance Day, as long as everything is closed. As far as Mr Longstaff’s remarks go, I dont recall young men’s body’s being ripped to shreds fighting over Medicare or our Charter of rights, if thats too difficult to see then it explains why we really need a national holiday for Remembrance Day.

  • To each his own, I suppose. I would much prefer a day to commemorate the introduction of Medicare or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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