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You can support the troops, but oppose sending them off to combat.

Putting aside the vote to authorize CF-18’s to fly combat missions to Iraq to try and stop ISIS (which has utterly failed to slow them or stop them so far by the way), I’ve seen the Conservative Party and some media try to claim you can’t say you support the troops but reject authorizing the combat mission.

You know who also said that? The Republican Party’s people in government when US troops were over in Iraq getting involved in a quagmire and the Democratic Party rightly said it was time to get them out of there and bring them home. Charges of lack of support and lack of patriotism abounded then as well.

I utterly reject that claim. You can “support” the Canadian Forces as persons and wish them well, but there is nothing contradictory about voting against sending them in the first place (See Jean Chretien 1991, First Gulf War). I’m more sad that some in the media have fallen for the Harper loyalty litmus test on this


2 comments to You can support the troops, but oppose sending them off to combat.

  • billg

    Well, wishing it was that way wont make it true. The print media is left scratching its head on the LPC’s decision, the CPC ads are probably already written, and, Canada has 2 left wing pacifist partys and one right wing party now. Normally thats not a bad thing, but, we dont normally see beheadings on youtube, and, Australia and the UK are not normally pre-empting home grown groups of young men planning on beheading civilians in the streets either. When CNN begins the storys of the thousands of young girls branded with numbers, herded off into cattle cars and taken to market to be sold as sex slaves then this decision will start to hit home. I have no idea why most Canadians think Conservatives are good stewards of the economy when they are no better at it then Liberals, and, I have no idea why Canadians think Liberals care more about the environment then Conservatives when they clearly dont, but, Mr Harper knows what can sway the hearts and minds of most Canadians come election time, why doesnt or why didnt the LPC? 6 planes and some re-con work was a no brainer and gave Canadians a peek at the moderate party led by Trudeau, now, time and energy will be spent trying desperately to convince people that you can support the troops without supporting the mission and why your different the NDP when your really not. You cant explain away optics.

  • Rob

    Couldn’t agree more Scott. I’m also concerned that this wave of ‘petty patriotism’ will overshadow the shameful way in which our government presented the ‘request’ to join the coallition to Parliament and the Canadian people. People need to remember the inherent disrespect that this government exhibits toward constituents and public servants alike. People can and should do this while supporting the troops that have been committed.

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