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Hat-tip to cousin Dawn Danko running for School Board Trustee in Hamilton Ward 7

I don’t delve a lot into municipal politics, and I wouldn’t usually have a reason to delve into school board trustee politics (except perhaps watching with interest as Michael Ford, nephew of Rob, tries to use that as his springboard), and you wouldn’t think I’d have a specific interest in Hamilton school board trustee politics, but there are exceptions, particularly when there’s a relative of mine running.

I wanted to highlight to those folks who may be reading this in Hamilton and specifically Ward 7 that my cousin (in-law) Dawn Danko is running for school board trustee there. She has been a community activist in trying to keep the local school board accountable, and she’s now decided to do something more about it and try to reform the school board from within.. so I applaud her initiative. She also has some qualified background experience; she’s a college professor and a teacher, and has a Master’s Degree in Education. I would bet that not too many school board trustees, current or candidates, can say they have that on their resume.

For those who wonder what the main issue is that spurred her into running, this article here would give you some background on it: the accommodation reviews for closing schools she feels needs to be fixed, from her experience at having 3 area schools being closed in that area. She details that more specifically in an op-ed to the Hamilton Community News.

Her main website is here, and as I said, for those in Hamilton Ward 7, I seriously encourage you to take a look.

UPDATE @ 1:17 pm: I’m told that a friend and ally of Dawn is Stefanie Sheils, running in Ward 9-10, so a mini-shoutout to her.


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