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So the LPCO had their AGM over the weekend, and I just wanted to say a couple of things about it briefly. Unfortunately, my friend and fellow blogger Jeff Jedras didn’t quite make it in his bid to be the VP Comms for LPCO – Christine Michaud won that position, and congrats to her – but I wanted to congratulate Jeff on his campaign; it takes a lot of courage to put your name out there and then be scrutinized by a lot of people. I hope that his general message he delivered to the LPCO will be still considered and listened to, and I know there are other things that Jeff will contribute as a Liberal net-rooter and an activist, and I look forward to seeing him do those. I also will congratulate a couple of people who were acclaimed to their positions who I’ve spoke to a fair bit the last few weeks; Tyler Banham is the new President of the LPCO, and Brandon Sage is the new VP of Organization. Both were kind enough to do interviews with me; so if you want to see what they want to get done while they’re in their present positions, look here for Tyler’s interview and here for Brandon’s.

I was also happy to see Lynne Steele elected as Ontario Women Liberal Commission President. I will not go into specifics as to why I endorsed her again; but let me just say it will be good to have an OWLC president who will continue to focus on both federal and provincial issues, and is (from what I understand and what I have been told) a no-nonsense type of person. My best of luck wishes to her.


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