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Interviews galore coming

Hello folks:

Sorry for the delay on new blogposts after the trip to Brantford last week, but I didn’t feel like regurgitating news you can find elsewhere, such as more polls from multiple pollsters showing good Liberal leads, or the fact Conservatives are bemoaning the fact this is the case and still viewing Justin Trudeau as incarnate evil (read the Paul Wells story at Macleans to see what I mean by that comment). I find the downtime between House of Commons sittings to be hard to write stuff.

In the meantime, I’ll just briefly mention part of the delay is I’ve sent out a ton of interview questions to prospective Liberal candidates or nomination candidates, but they’ve taken their time getting their answers back to me – a drawback to doing written interviews by email over voice recordings, but I prefer well-thought out answers to the usual soundbite you get from springing a question on them – friendly interviewer notwithstanding.

Anyhow.. I’ll hope to get some back over the next week, as I have several of them lined up


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