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Interview with Karen McCrimmon, LPC nomination contestant Kanata-Carleton

Following up on yesterday’s interview with David Graham, today we have an interview conducted with Karen McCrimmon, Liberal Party nomination hopeful in the riding of Kanata-Carleton. My thanks to Karen for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this interview with me.
1. What made you decide you wanted to run to be the official candidate for the Liberals in your riding of Kanata-Carleton?

I first ran for the Liberals in the 2011 Federal election in the riding of Carleton-Mississippi Mills. I had been very disheartened with the direction that Canada was taking under the Harper government. I soon realized that the best way that I could serve my community and my country was to help replace the Harper government with a progressive Liberal one. I knew I had the skills and drive to represent my riding and so I ran for and won the nomination in 2010. The FLA at this time was not in good shape: very few volunteers, little money in the bank, and little activity but we worked hard to prepare for an impending election and we did well. Although we were unable to unseat the incumbent Gordon O’Connor, our riding was one of the few to have improved the Liberal vote share and decrease the Conservative vote share. After the 2011 election, we continued to work hard in Kanata-Carleton, increasing membership, volunteers and money in the bank to be ready for 2015.

2. If a Justin Trudeau is elected (regardless of majority or minority), what do you feel would be key pressing issues a Justin Trudeau government should immediately act on within the first session of Parliament?

I believe that too much power has been vested in the PMO and in the political structures of government. The politicization of government has resulted in a great divide between the government and the citizens. We need to work hard to renew the faith Canadians had in their politicians and political system. We need an electoral system that results in governments that actually reflect the will of the people. MPs will have to work hard to improve democracy between elections by building strong links and through active involvement with their ridings. We should also shift our attention to environmental issues as I believe the seriousness of environmental risks have not been properly addressed. The consequences of multiple extreme weather events will only become more serious if nothing is done.

3. There is a saying that “all politics is local”. At present, do you feel there are there any local issues in Kanata-Carleton that may come into play during the election campaign, or is it going to be based on national issues only?

I think that it is important to remember that issues that affect the average Canadian on a daily basis are those that arise at the local level. Having an economy that is diverse, advanced and adaptable is definitely a goal that serves the members of the community through the development of permanent well-paying jobs. This government seems to be focused on a 3rd world raw resource extraction and export model. What we really need is a 1st world knowledge and science based economy that can serve us in the 21st century. We have some of the brightest technology minds right here in Kanata and they have made significant contributions to overall success of the city but the government needs to make more investment in science and research. We also have a very rich agricultural sector that makes a significant contribution to our local economy. We need to help farmers adjust to the changing environmental and market conditions. Food security, water security and infrastructure issues are all important to the people of Kanata-Carleton.

4. Related to that, there are some who say once an MP is elected, the constituency’s wishes or concerns sometimes get ignored. Is there anything specific you would do to keep in touch with the riding, and related to that how do you feel you can best represent the riding in Ottawa?

I’ve always been an avid supporter of this riding and its constituents. I will commit to being active and available. I will hold town hall meetings to discuss issues and concerns. I will attend community meetings and events and be responsive to my community. I will listen to the hopes and concerns of my constituents and I will provide a voice for them by bringing these concerns to parliament. My heart is in the riding of Kanata-Carleton, and I will serve my constituents, our communities and our country. Politics should be about serving people and my actions will demonstrate that willingness to serve.

5. In a contested nomination riding, what would you say to your local EDA or to potential supporters as to why you would be the best choice to be the Liberals officially nominated candidate?

I have been working hard these past few years – rebuilding and strengthening the Liberal Party of Canada both locally and nationally. It has been my single focus and I have put in countless hours to the cause. I have community recognition and have dedicated hours to volunteer efforts through all spectrums of the community. My military background has given me skills in leadership, team-building and strategic planning and you can see the results of those efforts in the improved situation in the riding association. My mediation skills have been and will be of great use as we continue to grow and strengthen the party and our country. A mediator’s goal is to bring all parties to the table and facilitate the development of a solution that works for everyone. I believe that our governance, political and electoral systems need to be updated to the 21st century and I know that my skills and experience would be very useful as we embark on a process of renewal.


2 comments to Interview with Karen McCrimmon, LPC nomination contestant Kanata-Carleton

  • zaheda Akther

    I agree with her – Canada is becoming a Resource base Country where their is no reserch and technology or major developments . Knowledge is now recognized as the driver of productivity and economic growth, leading to a new focus on the role of information, technology, and learning in economic performance. In the last decade alone, rapid developments in science and technology have had a major impact on our society and the way we live. Karen and her team will help us to create Knowledge base economy . if they was in powere Rim would not have bankruptcy and we would not have this kind of situation . Result of reserch does not come in day – I Phds make one gens and 1000 phds make 1000 gens

  • Excellent interview. Karen is knowledgeable, focused, and well spoken. We desperately need politicians with her life experiences combined with dedication to the present and future well-being of Canadians in Kanata-Carleton and across Canada and beyond. Karen “gets” the interplay between environment and jobs, between government infrastructure and democracy and the welfare of ordinary citizens. On meeting her, I was amazed at her humility in the face of major personal achievements. This is the first time in my life I have felt compelled to support a “politician” right from the beginning of a race. If we are wise enough to elect leaders like Karen, we can return Canada to a positive, progressive country.

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